Welcome to ALAS (Agent Listing App System) - Your Total Social Media Marketing Manager 

My name is Eric Rashid, Im the brain child behind ALAS (B2B & B2C - Agent Listing App System). Along with my collegues in India and  Israel, I created the ALAS app & formula (Agent Listing App System).

After spending 3 Years in R&D, building and then rigorously testing ALAS (Agent Listing App System), I finally finished this 1st phase! ALAS gives B2B & B2C and new startups businesses the most affordable way to sky rocket product awareness with viral marketing. It's not available anywhere else, it's new and it's powerful and SIMPLE FOR MILLIONS OF CONSUMERS TO UNDERSTAND AND BUY FROM YOU.

In todays business world,  most consumers have moved away from high street window shopping to world wide web window shopping. Most information about the goods & services' is now readily online. You either wait for customers to find you or YOU HAVE TO FIND THEM BEFORE YOUR COMPETITORS DO.

In todays B2B/B2C online business world ALIBABA, ALIEXPRESS, EBAY, CRAIGLIST, GUMTREE, SAHIBINDEN ETC. have taken the online shop front scene over. Now its about to change!  Employ ALAS and gradually take over your own marketing and sales.

With this changing reality, Businesses and new startups need affordable and long-term B2B/B2C marketing. ALAS does this. ALAS was developed to boost your business to 1000s, 10000, 100,00 and eventually to MILLIONS of social media and internet users daily. Our/your ultimate target should be getting your information to the millions on a continously regular basis!

ALAS/BOOST is your Complete Social Media Manager: No more websites, no more hosting, no paying silly fees, no more middle guys charging you fees to upload, no more manual uploading, no tech skills needed, no extra staff costs (so on, so on and so on...).

ALAS goes one step further. ALAS/BOOST scheduls your auto posts to the top 10 social media networks. We created BOOST to post to to all the top social media networks. Auto pilot or pre scheduled (the the list below).




3 Shop-Fronts. Target MILLIONS, Reach 100,000s, Connect to 10,000s and offer call to action to 1,000s - ALAS is working for you 365 days a year. Post to the TOP Social Media Networks available on PLANET EARTH...

This is all about creating massive viral awareness. Integreting into the major social media networks (FB, Twitter, YouTube and Google search*). Your products now REACH MILLIONS+MILLIONS+MILLIONS of social media users. 


Shopfront 1: ALAS uploads your products to your own ALAS product listing pages. ( https://www.fblistapps.com/fblistapps/listings/index )
Shopfront 2: Facebook product listing page ( https://www.facebook.com/listingapps ). See the professional way products will be listed.
Shopfront 3: Twitter product listings page ( https://twitter.com/fblistapps ). See how its uploaded in a professioanl list format.
Our BOOST app posts to 
(1) you FB business / personal timeline
(2) your Twitter business/personal timeline
(3)  Google+ (video)
(4) YouTube (video)
(5) Linkedin
(6) Pinterest
(7) Instagram
(8) Tumblr
(9) Flickr
(10) Bizsugar


There's NO OTHER METHOD that gives you an instant product listing app web page (an instant online catelogue) that can direct all your buyers to details of your products, creates a Facebook showroom, creates a Twitter showroom and posts to the the TOP 10 social media networks. You have the potential to reach MILLIONS. Soon I'm adding 'Post to FB groups - posting your card/message to 100's of FB groups - instantly / on schedule).

Don't have the staff, don't worry. ALAS is all you need. Saves on staff, websites and database hosting, paying for technical support and you dont need to spend hours on social media. "Your Constantly Saving MONEY and investing it where it makes you money". Employ me because it makes serious financial sense - 'Your products and my marketing technology and know how'. "I will set up the ALAS machine and you simply provide the kick start social media budget (social media advertising using Facebook / Twitter). Information about your products Reaching 1000's to MILLIONS of targetted social media users. 

Its a win-win business scenario! 

contact Eric today - info@fblistapps.com | WHATSAPP MSJ (message only) +44 7581 349 534

 "Know your business. Keep your options open & experiment. These are the keys to "thinking outside the blocks and your success" 

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